Get the Team Uniforms You Need!

If you’re looking for high quality team uniforms for your athletes, look no further! Whether it’s for baseball, basketball, football, or soccer, T&N has got it all. Let us help you gear up your team for the next season. At T&N we provide local teams with only the highest quality of custom imprinted and embroidered sports uniforms. For any team and any budget we can not only help your team be all stars but look like ones too.

T&N’s purpose is to make sure sports teams are looking good and wining games with as little stress as possible.  Making sure our customers get the custom sports uniforms they need with the care they deserve is our “goal”.


Uniforms and Education

At T&N we not only provide custom printing for local teams, but a large portion of our orders for apparel come from universities and colleges. Our dedication to education is what drives us to do our best for our collegiate orders. This dedication does not fall short for custom sports kits all year round. The quality of T&N’s work is always top tier to make any team look great. Also, our commitment to our collegiate clients guarantees discounts and low prices on all orders. Special promo codes are regularly available for most apparel order. Therefore, be sure to ask about what we can do to make your college team stellar.

Not a University or College?

It’s true we love out colleges and universities but don’t worry if you’re not one. We love our local teams just as much! Don’t hesitate to ask about special promo codes for local teams as well. We want to be sure that you have the highest quality uniforms ready before the season. We have uniforms for all sports and all processes that fit your teams budget and needs. Whether the team is looking for printed purple jerseys for players or embroidered polo shirts for the coaching staff T&N has it all.

Give us a call today or visit us at and be sure to ask about custom imprinted sports kits!









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Back to School Season

It’s that time of year again… Time for all the students to gear up and head back to school. And what a better way to promote you company than custom imprinting all the hottest back-to-school items! Student all over the country-and world-picking up all the items they need to be successful for the school year. With the season’s surge, T&N wants to help our customers make sure they get their name out there. Custom imprinting on hundreds of different products is available as giveaways to students. T&N also loves to help customers with branding. Give us a call next time you want to brand a product we carry.

What school items are students looking for?

Finding the perfect custom imprint-able items is just one click away! Visit our website and you can find: sunglassesbackpacksstationary and much much more.

So… What are students looking for? Well the most common items bought during the season would be apparel and stationary. Our in house embroidery and printing services can provide the apparel. Along side the apparel, our vast inventory of stationary will help you pick the right items to giveaway or brand to students.

The first thing usually bought by students before the start of the semester are, of course, backpacks. T&N has plenty of backpacks in store for clients to choose from. Add custom imprinted pencils, pens, notebooks, calendars, and planners and you have a whole custom set to help gear any student up for the year! Be sure to visit our website now to check out all our items. Or give us a call and ask about popular items as well as special promotions that’ll help you save money while you grow.




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Custom Imprinted Apparel

Look around, what do you see? Maybe a musician wearing a Led Zeppelin t-shirt or a sports fan wearing his Kobe Bryant Lakers’ jersey. Though sports and music may be vastly, there is one thing that the apparel of the musician and the sports fan have in common: they’re both custom promotions products! Custom imprinted apparel is arguably the most popular and common type of marketing product out there. The easiest way to represent and promote anything is by wearing custom clothing. Also the best part about it is free advertising. Besides the cost of the clothes itself, you don’t need to pay for people to wear them. On the contrary, people would pay YOUR business to advertise it. Whether you’re looking to sell product or giveaway, clothing is the best way to get your name out.

Imprinting Apparel

T&N makes it very easy for you to print the items you want. We take pride in making it a breeze for our customers to chose items, a printing process, and receive their orders quickly and on time. We carry a wide variety of high quality wearable items that can be personalized. Such items include: custom t-shirts, polo shirts, hats,  and even bandannas. Along with the variety of clothing, we also offer a variety of printing processes.

There are a few processes that can be used to print your beloved logo on any article of clothing. The first and most cost effective is the heat transfer. Heat transfer is when the printer sticks a logo onto fabric with heat. This method is cost effective but does not last very long. The second and most common form of printing is the silk screen printing. The Screen printing is basically similar to painting the logo onto fabric. This method is reasonably cost effective, long lasting and looks beautiful. And, last but not least, the third method is embroidery. Embroidery is the act of physically stitching the logo onto fabric. Embroidery is the least cost effective but the more durable.

No matter what method you choose, all our gorgeous imprinting is done in house which saves you money and ensures quality. So, give us a call next time you need custom wearable items! You’ll be glad you did!





custom infant apparelLabor day Promotions

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Stand out with Embroidery

When deciding on custom imprinted promotional products we take into consideration many things such as: cost, quantity, durability, but most of all quality. No one likes to promote themselves with cheap or poor looking items. Therefore, we always want the best, even if it means paying just a little bit more. The higher cost is never a loss when it means standing out from the rest of the crowd. When giving away items to clients or employees, we want them to feel that the company cares. People like knowing that the company took the time to ensure that they present themselves well and don’t offer lesser quality items. For these reasons, embroidery is the best option when looking into giving away or branding apparel and accessories.

What is embroidery?

Unlike screen printing where the logo is printed on to fabric with paint, embroidery is the act of stitching the logo into your personalized item. This allows your custom shirts and hats look fantastic and of quality. And the best part, they last much longer than their printed counter parts. Machine washer safe and textured, stitched logos look and feel fantastic for years to come.

At T&N Promotions Plus we pride ourselves with our embroidery. All items are stitched locally in Los Angeles, CA. Local production allows close management to ensure quality and low shipping costs. Whether customers are looking for hats, shirts, or backpacks, T&N has got it all. Give us a call today and let us help set you up for success!

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Custom Promotional Cell Phone Fans

Heat of the Summer!

With all the fun activities that come with the summer season, the approaching summer heat is also inevitable. Going to theme parks, enjoying family picnics and successful corporate functions make the season unforgettable. Unfortunately, the discomforts of the blazing sun always put a damper on all the fun that you could be having. Luckily, T&N Promotions Plus is always here to help! Keep cool this summer with the popular custom promotional fans!

As if your smartphone doesn’t do enough already – now it can cool you off, too! Plug this Promotional Cell Phone Fan attachment right into your smartphone for instant relief. These portable fans conveniently plug into the charging port of your iPhone or Android to keep your temperature down throughout summer. Our promotional fan is lightweight and portable so that you can take it with you where ever you go.

Available in a variety of different colors, the fans have custom imprinting on the blades. This is a great way to get your name out without reflecting your competition’s product placement. A unique, practical giveaway will make all the difference in making your company memorable. A fun item will help your company stand out and will surely get customers thinking of when in need of the services you have to offer. Stray away from the pens and bags and order the cellphone fans today!

Personal use of these items is great, but why not treat the people around you by providing these gadgets at your events! Help your employees enjoy the picnic in comfort or give them out and cool down your hot headed clients. Whoever you give them out to, at T&N, we guarantee you that they will thank you for making the heat a bit more manageable this year. We hope you make the right decision when you decide to promote your business this summer!


summer promo items, custom imprint, promotional products, cellphone fans, iphone, android, summer giveaways, business, custom marketing

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Play Your Stress Away with Spin Fidget

fidget spinner,hand spinnerCustom Spin fidget

Play your Stress Away with Spin Fidget. Stress, the one thing that holds all of us back and takes a toll on our health and daily lives. The stress at work and throughout life can make a huge negative impact on our social and professional lives.

For that, you can count on T&N Promotions Plus, because that’s what we do best. We can help you through the popular custom stress Spin fidget toys that we carry in stock. These fidget toys might be the cure for your nervous or bored energy. A recent trend in Spin fidget toys adds a collectible and good quality flair to finding a place to dump your excess energy and daily distress.

Help alleviate that stress in the office or the anxiety that could come along with your daily routines. And the best of all is, that  all our custom Spin fidget toys are available for  imprinting. Add some personality to your toy, in addition to giving exposure to your brand. It is especially relevant to give away these treats to the employees and customers as gifts of appreciation, because this is the hottest product in the market right now! It uses a ball bearing design on each end which allows it to continuously spin and entertain you for hours. The stress fidget is great for relieving stress, anxiety or as a desk accessory to keep you focused on what you’re doing. How it works? Hold the stress Fidget with two fingers and Spin in one direction – Move your hand in a smooth, back and forth direction to keep the spin consistent. Perfect For Reducing Stress And Boredom. Encourages Focus And Self-Soothing For Users With Anxiety, Attention Disorders And much More.

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Promoting Your Cannabis Business

weed pen, custom marijuana pen cannabis promotions

marijuana grinder

Spice Herb Weed Grinder

The essential tool needed for every cannabis enthusiast.

Promotional cannabis grinders are another great and effective method to spread your brand!

The capsule is the perfect vessel to sell your product and to advertise your business!

As old as the culture behind consuming marijuana, promotional rolling papers will be a sure hit!

Promoting Your Cannabis Business

The next big (soon to be legal everywhere) business venture has been conceived, Cannabusiness! New legislation has led to a boom in dispensaries of cannabis. Colorado and Washington have both recently legalized the sale of marijuana for recreational use as well with the possibility of California legalizing if Prop 64 passes. Along with California, Arizona, Nevada, Massachusetts and Maine are on route to the legalization of marijuana for recreational use.The products T&N Promotions Plus offers will be a sure fire way to give a good first impression on your branding and business  exposure and will build a relationship with you and your potential cannabis consumer!The key to growing your marijuana brand using promotional products is comprised of three parts: Getting the Right Product, to the Right People, as Inexpensively as Possible.  Get those three things right and your brand’s footprint can begin to grow organically, even after the event ends.

Promotional Cannabis Products Will Help

And we all know the best way to market a business is with promotional products! T&N Promotions Plus has a variety of promotional cannabis products that are effective in reaching out to potential cannabis consumers!

Here at T&N Promotions Plus, it is our goal to help your cannabusiness reach record high sales!

With the possibility of an additional 5 states (California being one of the largest states in the country) joining the cannabis wagon, new business opportunities will come with it as well. As the cannabis industry is growing at an extremely rapid pace, the need for marketing as a legitimate business is a very effective way to stand out from the competition. One of the simplest branding levers to pull is the strategic use of promotional products.  Promo items like hats and pens have become a staple at tradeshows and industry events, leading to the formation of a bottom-feeding class of people that only come to collect the free trinkets.  This ROI risk has led many entrepreneurs to wash their hands of promotional products entirely, like Mark Cuban’s “never buy swag” advice from his famous 12 Rules for Startups.

  1.   Custom rolling papers 

As old as the culture behind consuming marijuana, promotional rolling papers will be a sure hit!                       As old as the culture behind consuming weed, promotional rolling papers will be a sure hit!

2. Branded Marijuana Pens


3.   Custom Lighters


Custom Bic Lighters are essential tool needed for every cannabis enthusiast.

4. Customized Spice Herb Weed Grinder


marijuana grinder

5. Custom containers for medical marijuana dispensaries

The capsule is the perfect vessel to sell your product and to advertise your business!

5. Custom hats

cannabis promotional hats



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Promote Breast Cancer Awareness

Think Pink!

Promote and support Breast Cancer Awareness with the help of these promotional products!

Promotional Items for Breast Cancer Awarenss Month

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Stay Cool and Safe With This Promotional Fan and Sunscreen

Staying Cool And Focused With Promotional Fan

The summer sun can be dreadful at corporate events. The intense heat distracts us from paying attention to proposals and onto strictly surviving in this scorching weather. Allow T&N Promotions Plus to help you stay cool in the summer time at your next event! With the customizable promotional fan, the O2 mister fan, take away the distraction of the heat and keep the attention strictly to your company!

promotional fan

O2 Cool’s patented misting fan is the benchmark in the industry. Its iconic design attracts copycats, but its quality and performance cannot be duplicated. A cool mist of water speeds the cooling process. O2 Cool’s misting fans provide a fine mist of water and a powerful fan to keep you cool when you can’t jump in the pool. Includes 2 AA batteries packaged inside the item.

Sunscreen Safety at Your Event

Not only is keeping the heat off your skin important but protecting it from harmful sunlight radiation is just as or even more important! By protecting you from harmful radiation from the sun, sunscreen reduces your risk for skin cancer, premature aging and sunburns. Sunscreen blocks the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation from your skin and protects it from being susceptible to the development of skin cancer and from being sunburned. The portable bottle with the carabiner clip is perfect for promotions. With the help of T&N Promotions Plus, you can have your company logo on everyone’s key chain at your next corporate event!

sunscreen, sunblock, SPF

A high quality SPF 30 sunscreen in a squeezable tube with a convenient carabiner for easy carrying. It is hypo-allergenic, oil free, PABA free, sweat proof and UVA/UVB.

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Promotional health shaker bottle

Health and wellness is as important as ever and when it comes to corporate promotions, drinkware is always a big hit. After all, hydration is one of the most widely recommended elements of healthy living. According to the Institute of Medicine, the adequate intake of total beverages for men is roughly 13 cups (3 liters) per dJuicer Bottle w/ Shaker Ballay, and for women about 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day. So it’s no wonder promotional drinkware is an integral component in the list of merchandise we recommend for health and wellness promotions.

The hottest new type of promotional drinkware is the shaker bottle, which not only provides the ability to hydrate, but also ties in with the popular trend of powdered supplements for pre-workout, post-workout and general meal replacement. We believe this trend adding powder to water will stay popular for many years, making shaker bottles a good investment choice for your advertising or promotional dollars.

Whether the recipient is an avid fitness lover or a newbie, either can appreciate being given a quality shaker bottle and newbies might even be motivated to workout by having a new cool bottle

What is a Shaker Bottle and What are their Key Features? 

There are many types of shaker bottles with different features and functions, but generally a shaker bottle is a non-electric cup or bottle with an internal mixing mechanism that simply works by – you guessed it, shaking. Features include, screw on lids, different types of drinking spouts, the mixing system itself, and optional measuring guides, flavor infusion, and dry powder storage.

Size also matters. Bottles range from about 12 ounces to as large as 28 ounces depending on your needs. There are also a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and functions as well, so finding the perfect bottle to fit your active lifestyle is a painless process.

How do you use the shaker bottle?

Shaker bottles are pretty easy to use: open them up pour in your liquid (typically water), use the optional measuring scale often molded into the bottle. Add your powder, screw the lid back on tight, and shake. Re-shake as necessary.

Make sure to clean your shaker bottle

We’ve heard from some of our customers about the importance of cleaning these bottles well. Most are at least top rack dishwasher safe, otherwise some soap, hot water and a kitchen brush should do the trick. Store with the lid open or at least the drinking spout to avoid odors.

Why do people drink protein shakes?


People drink protein shakes for various reasons, some of the most common being to build muscle and burn fat. Others drink shakes to support a healthier lifestyle and to maintain weight. Most athletes drink protein shakes after their workout sessions as nutritional supplements to give their bodies additional energy and reduce recovery time. In the fast paced world we live in, people are constantly searching for a healthy solution to a quick meal! Whether you’re on the drive to work, the gym, home, or picking the kids up from school — the convenience of a shake is becoming the ideal healthy solution, often more filling and nutritious than periodic snacking on fast food.

How do organizations use shaker bottles to promote your brand?

It’s no surprise that the implementation of wellness programs continues to rapidly grow across our nation. These programs are often at the corporate level for their employees, by government organizations, by gyms, and fitness companies. If you are in the healthcare, wellness, fitness field these bottles are a no brainer choice if you haven’t used them previously.

Here are some statistics to support your decision to promote wellness. In a report posted by The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism, companies who have successfully executed wellness programs have significant costs reductions and financial gains which include 28% reduction in sick days and 26% reduction in healthcare costs. It is important to offer programs and events to promote healthy living and healthy lifestyles such as eating properly, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

Promoting healthy living is welcomed by all and a great caring concept to attach to your brand even if your business is not directly related to wellness. Shaker bottles are also great items to giveaway at different events, conferences and trade shows. Because the shaker bottles and wellness overall, is so popular, there is a good chance the user will hold onto this product with your custom logo printed on it. Some will make it a habit.

Enough already! Show me some Shaker Bottles!

Check out some of our most popular models below:

Shaker Bottle w/ Measurements:

This shaker bottle is perfect for the gym and workout enthusiast. It contacts a large 20 oz. bottle with a removable plastic lid and a tethered flip top for drinking. There is a removable plastic propeller that helps with the mixing process by preventing powder build up. The measurements are listed on the outside of the bottle making the prep a no brainer.


Shaker Bottle w/ Citrus Juicer:

This is a shaker bottle with a slight twist. This bottle includes the bottle, lid with drinking spout as well as a removable juicer which allows you to add more flavor to your shake. The mixer ball is also included inside the bottle. This shaker is great when you want to add a little fresh variety to your shakes or smoothies.

Blender Bottle:

The Blender Bottle the world’s best-selling brand name Shaker Cup. This classic bottle is what many model their shaker bottles off of and it includes: a drinking spout, domed lid, white flip cap and the patented BlenderBall wire whisk. The BlenderBall, which is located inside, whips around as you shake, mixing up thick protein or add in’s. It is even strong enough to mix up peanut butter and yogurt! The wide opening on the Blender Bottle make it easy to pour liquid into the bottle as well as makes for easy clean up!


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