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Promotional Items for Breast Cancer Awarenss Month

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The Best Golf Promotional Products


imprinted golf balls
While sports like soccer and basketball require little in the way of special equipment to play, golf is a bit trickier. You need clubs (drivers, irons, putters, wedges, etc.), a bag for your clubs, towels, a golfer’s cap (preferably plaid), shoes, a bag for your shoes, and more. (OK, you don’t need a golfer’s cap, but they look totally cool.)


But what’s the one item you need more than all of those? Golf balls. Lots of them. As if water hazards, woods and the occasional golf-ball-snatching-seagull weren’t taxing enough on your supply, there’s also regular wear-and-tear that necessitates frequent golf-ball replacement—according to, an individual ball will typically be used for only 12 to 15 shots. In other words, golf balls will always be in demand. Golf balls continue to represent the largest percentage of golf business and are a needed staple.


Pro Tips: Find the ball that best fits your client’s needs. If your client is running a fundraiser tournament, for example, you may not need a Titleist Pro V1, a ball popular with professional golfers that has a number of fancy, expensive features. Golf balls are designed for different skill levels and come in a wide range of prices (T&N Promotions Plus’ website lists items in the golf balls category), so do your homework when choosing a ball.


Also, keep in mind that while golf balls have similar quality and available features across brands, established golf customers may still prefer one brand to others.Many customers are very loyal to specific golf brands, similar to how we prefer certain brands of clothing.


custom divot
We mentioned above that golfers need a ton of gear, but we didn’t even get into the nitty-gritty. Sure, that futuristic carbon-fiber putter with the polymetal-groove technology will be the envy of your foursome, but without tees you’ll never make it to the putting green to use it. Items like tees, ball markers and divot tools have lower price points, making them good giveaways for everything from golf tournaments to trade shows.

And then there are accessories like can coolers, sports bottles, sunscreen, lip balm and hand sanitizer. While these products don’t technically fall under the “golf products” label, they’re all useful on the course.

Pro Tips: I Recommend products:  golf kits that bundle tees, divot tools, ball markers and other essential items to create a product with high perceived value and lasting logo exposure. We have seen growth in kits, as they can be unique and customized to fit various budget ranges. Once the components of that kit have been used or lost on the golf course, the customer will keep that exterior packaging, load it up with new accessories and use again, ensuring many lasting impressions of your advertising message.


Callaway golf umbrella
Umbrellas are good for three reasons: Massive. Advertising. Area. The best part of the big umbrella is that it’s an outdoor billboard. So if you watch a golf event on television, you’ll notice that the golf companies, when they put their logo on, they print their logo across multiple panels. Instead of having a 9″ logo they’ll have a 29″ logo going across, like a big billboard.”

But what if your client wants something without flashy colors or a huge company logo, for a corporate incentive program? No problem: Umbrellas offer a number of subtle customization options as well. I’ve seen plenty of investment bankers who don’t want to have their name flashy on the outside of the umbrella, they’ll find very unique ways, subtle ways of branding. They’ll put their logo on the Velcro closure on the outside. Or they’ll put their logo as a medallion in the handle. Or they’ll print their logo as a tonal print on the outside. Or in some cases they’ll print their logo on the inside.

Pro Tips: Golf umbrellas have several features that set them apart from standard umbrellas, including a larger arc size (typically 62″), a more robust construction (fiberglass shafts, rubberized grips) and wind-venting technology. Butnot all umbrellas marketed as golf umbrellas are created equal. There’s a huge difference between a true golf umbrella and what we’ll call ‘golf style       ‘—con          sider something that might [just] look like a golf umbrella. We sell golf-style umbrellas for a third of the price, that have steel shafts and much-less ex

pensive components, that a real golfer probably wouldn’t find acceptable.

If it’s just an inexpensive giveaway then golf-style is the way to go. If it’s something that will see the golf course, then you need a different type of product.

cusom lip balmcustom golf putters custom golf tee

custom hand sanitizers


custom can coolers custom water bottle custom sunscreen

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Hot Promotional Product – Text-Free Driver

texting and driving“Text-Free Driver” is a little thumb band that can be worn by people before they get into a car to remind them of the dangers of texting and drivingThis morning as I’m driving into work I notice this dump truck in front of me swerving from the center lane and into the left one. Then back to the center. Then to the right. Then … the shoulder.

My first thought was, what if this poor dude’s had a heart attack and he needs help?! So, with the strength of a 4-cylinder, 128-horsepower 2003 Corolla at my disposal, I hit the gas and caught up to him in, well, eventually … and once I got there, what did I find?

Not only was he not having a heart attack or in any physical distress, but he seemed to be having a good ol’ time texting (and hopefully not “sexting”) with God knows who. OK, this is a major driving infraction. A huge penalty. If I had a yellow flag in my car I woulda thrown it at him. Instead, I began texting my friends at how appalled I was (Ok, that’s a joke …). Anyway, this got me to thinking about a specific promotional product that would’ve been perfect for Mr. Swerving Dump Truck Texter Guy and how it could’ve prevented some awkward and dangerous moments for people driving this morning .

The “Text-Free Driver” is a little thumb band that can be worn by people before they get into a car to remind them of the dangers of texting and driving.

this is an awesome product for this day and age, and one that I certainly give a “thumbs-up” to (no pun intended)!


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