Back to School Season

It’s that time of year again… Time for all the students to gear up and head back to school. And what a better way to promote you company than custom imprinting all the hottest back-to-school items! Student all over the country-and world-picking up all the items they need to be successful for the school year. With the season’s surge, T&N wants to help our customers make sure they get their name out there. Custom imprinting on hundreds of different products is available as giveaways to students. T&N also loves to help customers with branding. Give us a call next time you want to brand a product we carry.

What school items are students looking for?

Finding the perfect custom imprint-able items is just one click away! Visit our website and you can find: sunglassesbackpacksstationary and much much more.

So… What are students looking for? Well the most common items bought during the season would be apparel and stationary. Our in house embroidery and printing services can provide the apparel. Along side the apparel, our vast inventory of stationary will help you pick the right items to giveaway or brand to students.

The first thing usually bought by students before the start of the semester are, of course, backpacks. T&N has plenty of backpacks in store for clients to choose from. Add custom imprinted pencils, pens, notebooks, calendars, and planners and you have a whole custom set to help gear any student up for the year! Be sure to visit our website now to check out all our items. Or give us a call and ask about popular items as well as special promotions that’ll help you save money while you grow.




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Think Ahead: Back to School

Hearing the words “Back to School” warrants a lot of different emotions. As a child, the phrase stirred positive emotions of optimism, feelings of nervousness and uncertainty or simply made one roll his/her eyes.

As an adult, we smile at the very phrase – regardless of whether we have children or not. Many parents look forward to putting their children on the bus instead of thinking of how they can keep the children entertained


today. Those without children look forward to young, inexperienced, distracted drivers taking the bus to high school or heading off to college.

But everyone can agree that “Back to School” is a phrase that awakens even the most lax of bargain hunters. This year, T&N Promotions Plus is rolling out a huge “Back to School” sale on our new and enduring promotional products. These products are great for schools, extracurricular clubs and athletic teams. The sale goes as far as to push the envelope past traditional notebooks and pens. You’ll find foam fingers, backpacks, lunch bags and even Bluetooth technology on sale. You’re bound to find something that is unique and fun within your budget.

#1" hand

Custom Foam fingers


lunch cooler

Custom lunch bags

wireless speaker

Jawbone Bluetooth

drawstring backpack

Custom drawstring tote bag

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Effectiveness Of Promotional Pens

Importance Of The Promotional Pens In Daily Life

The study takes a first look at the importance of Promotional Pens in the average person’s life.It examines demographic characteristics of writing instrument users, the extent to which they use writing instruments in their daily lives, their preferences, purchase habits and clarifies price points for writing instruments they buy. An important focus of the study is to identify how
recipients of free promotional pens or writing instruments react to them, as well as to measure the effectiveness of the promotional writing instrument as an advertising medium. While we ask about writing instruments in general for a few questions, most often the focus is primarily on the
pen. The general thrust of the study is to focus on the effectiveness of writing instruments as an advertising medium but the predominant focus is on the pen as it is the most common of all writing instruments given out as a promotional product. An attempt is also made to measure the
recipient’s recall of the advertiser and the message on the promotional pen. Further, the study seeks to answer the question of whether writing instruments are becoming face obsolescence with the advent of new technologies.

Types Of  Writing Instruments Used

Ballpoint pens are the most popular type of writing instrument. They are used on a daily basis by those in every age and income group. Highlighters and markers are used occasionally to do task‐specific jobs. Pencils garner a love‐hate relationship, with 40 percent of respondents using them
frequently while another 40 percent never using them at all.
Attributes Considered When Choosing A Pen
When asked to provide detail about their preferences when choosing a pen, users ranked the following in order of preference: (1) Smooth ink flow, (2) Smudge proof ink, (3) Functionality, (4) Waterproof ink, (5) Made in the USA, (6) Retractable, (7) Meets safety standards, (8) Utility value,
(9) Eco‐friendly, (10) Writes upside down, (11) Comes with refills, and (12) exclusiveness.

Purchase Of Pens
Regarding actual number of purchases, six out of 10 people described purchasing pens between two and 50 times. Thirty‐one percent of those surveyed purchased pens more than 50 times.
When asked to identify where they purchased pens, 60 percent of the respondents identified an office supply store. Slightly less than a third purchased a pen from a grocery store or a department store.

Pen Ownership, Preferences and Purchase Practices
Seven out of 10 people report that once they have the type of pen they like, they tend to want to keep it to themselves without sharing it with others. Also, seven out of 10 people have a preferred
pen. Almost eight out of 10 users state that they use pens with advertising or company logos on them.

Number Of Writing Instruments Present On The Person

Pens are everywhere. Almost three‐quarters of those surveyed report actually carrying a pen on their person at all times. Only about half the men carry pens on themselves while almost 90 percent of women carry them. Nearly 92 percent of those surveyed who owned a car, carry a pen
in their car. The second most likely place to find a pen is in a purse or handbag.


Promotional pen

Bic Clic Stic Retractable Ballpoint Pen

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Educational marketing with Webkey

webkey USBT&N Promotions Plus  presents Webkey – a new era in online educational marketing, and is the ideal engagement tool that drives e-detailing for physicians and educational compliance information for patients.

With NO content storage,  this is a far more cost effective alternative to expensive flash memory devices. Webkey is a mass media tool with total customizable options, designed to reach physicians and patients with unprecedented response rates…and we have the case studies to back it up!

IBM used a Paper Webkey handout to build awareness on its new zEnterprise model for businesses.

The Flyers were directly given away to prospects during several trade shows.

This Custom 2-Page Paper Web Key Brochure is a great way to promote your website, product or event. After being programmed with your URL, the device is punched out and plugged into a USB port where it directs web browsers to the website or page of your choosing. Four color printing inside and out. Excellent for pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, schools, travel, corporate, real estate, retail or any use requiring printed information.

Our latest innovation is flat-out amazing”, said Rich Butler, Managing Director of the South Florida based technology marketing solutions company.  “USB Insert™ Nano will amaze with its record thin housing of only one-eighth inch, it can be integrated and custom die cut into any physical printed media such as brochures, direct mailers and magazine inserts, providing advertisers yet another new dimension in online marketing!”

“Best of all”, says Butler, “because USB Insert™ Nano is so small, thin and lightweight, it can be fully integrated cost effectively into magazine advertisements and direct mail campaigns without the worry of increased postage rates.”

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