Effectiveness Of Promotional Pens

Importance Of The Promotional Pens In Daily Life

The study takes a first look at the importance of Promotional Pens in the average person’s life.It examines demographic characteristics of writing instrument users, the extent to which they use writing instruments in their daily lives, their preferences, purchase habits and clarifies price points for writing instruments they buy. An important focus of the study is to identify how
recipients of free promotional pens or writing instruments react to them, as well as to measure the effectiveness of the promotional writing instrument as an advertising medium. While we ask about writing instruments in general for a few questions, most often the focus is primarily on the
pen. The general thrust of the study is to focus on the effectiveness of writing instruments as an advertising medium but the predominant focus is on the pen as it is the most common of all writing instruments given out as a promotional product. An attempt is also made to measure the
recipient’s recall of the advertiser and the message on the promotional pen. Further, the study seeks to answer the question of whether writing instruments are becoming face obsolescence with the advent of new technologies.

Types Of  Writing Instruments Used

Ballpoint pens are the most popular type of writing instrument. They are used on a daily basis by those in every age and income group. Highlighters and markers are used occasionally to do task‐specific jobs. Pencils garner a love‐hate relationship, with 40 percent of respondents using them
frequently while another 40 percent never using them at all.
Attributes Considered When Choosing A Pen
When asked to provide detail about their preferences when choosing a pen, users ranked the following in order of preference: (1) Smooth ink flow, (2) Smudge proof ink, (3) Functionality, (4) Waterproof ink, (5) Made in the USA, (6) Retractable, (7) Meets safety standards, (8) Utility value,
(9) Eco‐friendly, (10) Writes upside down, (11) Comes with refills, and (12) exclusiveness.

Purchase Of Pens
Regarding actual number of purchases, six out of 10 people described purchasing pens between two and 50 times. Thirty‐one percent of those surveyed purchased pens more than 50 times.
When asked to identify where they purchased pens, 60 percent of the respondents identified an office supply store. Slightly less than a third purchased a pen from a grocery store or a department store.

Pen Ownership, Preferences and Purchase Practices
Seven out of 10 people report that once they have the type of pen they like, they tend to want to keep it to themselves without sharing it with others. Also, seven out of 10 people have a preferred
pen. Almost eight out of 10 users state that they use pens with advertising or company logos on them.

Number Of Writing Instruments Present On The Person

Pens are everywhere. Almost three‐quarters of those surveyed report actually carrying a pen on their person at all times. Only about half the men carry pens on themselves while almost 90 percent of women carry them. Nearly 92 percent of those surveyed who owned a car, carry a pen
in their car. The second most likely place to find a pen is in a purse or handbag.


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