Promotional health shaker bottle

Health and wellness is as important as ever and when it comes to corporate promotions, drinkware is always a big hit. After all, hydration is one of the most widely recommended elements of healthy living. According to the Institute of Medicine, the adequate intake of total beverages for men is roughly 13 cups (3 liters) per dJuicer Bottle w/ Shaker Ballay, and for women about 9 cups (2.2 liters) per day. So it’s no wonder promotional drinkware is an integral component in the list of merchandise we recommend for health and wellness promotions.

The hottest new type of promotional drinkware is the shaker bottle, which not only provides the ability to hydrate, but also ties in with the popular trend of powdered supplements for pre-workout, post-workout and general meal replacement. We believe this trend adding powder to water will stay popular for many years, making shaker bottles a good investment choice for your advertising or promotional dollars.

Whether the recipient is an avid fitness lover or a newbie, either can appreciate being given a quality shaker bottle and newbies might even be motivated to workout by having a new cool bottle

What is a Shaker Bottle and What are their Key Features? 

There are many types of shaker bottles with different features and functions, but generally a shaker bottle is a non-electric cup or bottle with an internal mixing mechanism that simply works by – you guessed it, shaking. Features include, screw on lids, different types of drinking spouts, the mixing system itself, and optional measuring guides, flavor infusion, and dry powder storage.

Size also matters. Bottles range from about 12 ounces to as large as 28 ounces depending on your needs. There are also a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and functions as well, so finding the perfect bottle to fit your active lifestyle is a painless process.

How do you use the shaker bottle?

Shaker bottles are pretty easy to use: open them up pour in your liquid (typically water), use the optional measuring scale often molded into the bottle. Add your powder, screw the lid back on tight, and shake. Re-shake as necessary.

Make sure to clean your shaker bottle

We’ve heard from some of our customers about the importance of cleaning these bottles well. Most are at least top rack dishwasher safe, otherwise some soap, hot water and a kitchen brush should do the trick. Store with the lid open or at least the drinking spout to avoid odors.

Why do people drink protein shakes?


People drink protein shakes for various reasons, some of the most common being to build muscle and burn fat. Others drink shakes to support a healthier lifestyle and to maintain weight. Most athletes drink protein shakes after their workout sessions as nutritional supplements to give their bodies additional energy and reduce recovery time. In the fast paced world we live in, people are constantly searching for a healthy solution to a quick meal! Whether you’re on the drive to work, the gym, home, or picking the kids up from school — the convenience of a shake is becoming the ideal healthy solution, often more filling and nutritious than periodic snacking on fast food.

How do organizations use shaker bottles to promote your brand?

It’s no surprise that the implementation of wellness programs continues to rapidly grow across our nation. These programs are often at the corporate level for their employees, by government organizations, by gyms, and fitness companies. If you are in the healthcare, wellness, fitness field these bottles are a no brainer choice if you haven’t used them previously.

Here are some statistics to support your decision to promote wellness. In a report posted by The Institute for HealthCare Consumerism, companies who have successfully executed wellness programs have significant costs reductions and financial gains which include 28% reduction in sick days and 26% reduction in healthcare costs. It is important to offer programs and events to promote healthy living and healthy lifestyles such as eating properly, exercising, and getting enough sleep.

Promoting healthy living is welcomed by all and a great caring concept to attach to your brand even if your business is not directly related to wellness. Shaker bottles are also great items to giveaway at different events, conferences and trade shows. Because the shaker bottles and wellness overall, is so popular, there is a good chance the user will hold onto this product with your custom logo printed on it. Some will make it a habit.

Enough already! Show me some Shaker Bottles!

Check out some of our most popular models below:

Shaker Bottle w/ Measurements:

This shaker bottle is perfect for the gym and workout enthusiast. It contacts a large 20 oz. bottle with a removable plastic lid and a tethered flip top for drinking. There is a removable plastic propeller that helps with the mixing process by preventing powder build up. The measurements are listed on the outside of the bottle making the prep a no brainer.


Shaker Bottle w/ Citrus Juicer:

This is a shaker bottle with a slight twist. This bottle includes the bottle, lid with drinking spout as well as a removable juicer which allows you to add more flavor to your shake. The mixer ball is also included inside the bottle. This shaker is great when you want to add a little fresh variety to your shakes or smoothies.

Blender Bottle:

The Blender Bottle the world’s best-selling brand name Shaker Cup. This classic bottle is what many model their shaker bottles off of and it includes: a drinking spout, domed lid, white flip cap and the patented BlenderBall wire whisk. The BlenderBall, which is located inside, whips around as you shake, mixing up thick protein or add in’s. It is even strong enough to mix up peanut butter and yogurt! The wide opening on the Blender Bottle make it easy to pour liquid into the bottle as well as makes for easy clean up!


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10 Unique Promotional Gifts Under $1

With the holidays fast approaching, there are so many options of distributing promotional products to spread some holiday cheer and show appreciation to your customers and employees. These holiday hand-outs are the perfect way to say thank you.

And here’s the really great part – they won’t bust your budget. Seriously. You can select from all kinds of promotional products that are under a buck. How’s that for budget-friendly?

Check out these 10 unique promotional gifts under $1:

1. Individually Wrapped Chocolate Chip Promo Cookies

Custom chocolate chip cookies

“If you give a customer a cookie …” they will definitely ask for another. They will also remember your company for being so sweet. People love receiving edible gifts, and they will feel more positively about your business because of the gesture.

2. Translucent Stress Ball Promo Pen

promotional pens

It can be a stressful time of year. Eliminate the stress for your customers while they make their shopping lists with this unique comfort grip pen.  A useful promo gift with a stress ball top will help keep them calm.

3. Wedge Custom Earbud Wrap

custom earbud wrap

Keep earbuds organized and tangle-free. Easily slips into pockets and bags. This earbud wrap eliminates the frustration of the cord getting tied up in other belongings. A great gift for the tech-savvy customer or employee.

4. Instant Promotional Hot Chocolate

promotional hot chocolate

Warm the heart and soul this holiday season with a cup of hot chocolate, the perfect pick me up! Your customers will be reminded of you as they reach for this tasty treat.  For extra promotion, add a bag of hot chocolate to a custom mug.

5. Well-Rounded Promotional Lip Balm

promotional lip balm

Keep lips protected during the harsh winter months. This well-rounded lip balm compares to the eos brand lip balm but at a fraction of the cost! A high-perceived value that recipients are sure to enjoy.

6. Season’s Greetings Promotional Crayons – Four Pack

promotional crayons

Add a pop of color to your promo this year.  A unique and fun item for child safety programs, family restaurants, and education programs.

7.  Star Acrylic Promotional Massager

promotional massagers

Treat your staff to a little rest and relaxation. They have worked hard all year, show them your appreciation with a gift that helps them unwind.

8. Promotional Coffee Sleeve

custom coffee sleeve

Keep warm this winter with hot tea, coffee and cocoa. This sleeve protects the hand from hot liquids by easily slipping over paper or plastic cups.  A coffee sleeve makes for a fun and useful gift for your employees. These can also be a great giveaway as a thank-you to customers. Let your brand be carried anywhere they go.

9. Slice ‘N Serve-It Dessert Promotional Server

Slice ‘N Serve-It Dessert Promotional Server

Gifts for the home are useful items that put your logo in front of many people.  Your customers will be able to serve up some sweet treats for their guests while displaying your company name.

10. Happy New Year Logo Greeting Card & Magnetic Calendar

logo greeting card magnet

Gear up for the new year with this two-in-one promo. Wish everyone a “Happy New Year” with this greeting card and custom calendar magnet for 2015.

Get creative with your holiday gifts this year without breaking the bank. Customers and employees will feel appreciated and have a reminder of your company at the same time.

Tell us: What are some unique gifts you’ve used to get your brand out there?


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10 Unique Promotional Products Under $1

Being different is what sets you apart from your competitors – and you have the perfect promotional products to prove it. And if you don’t, you should!

With summer now coming into full swing, there are so many options of distributing promotional products to help your business prove its unique impression. At festivals, fairs and community events, hand out custom items that make people say: “Wow! That’s fun!” or even just put a smile on their face.

Those products, with your logo on them, are going to be remembered. The only thing better than the positive effect these giveaways will have on your business is their low price!

Here are 10 unique promotional products under $1:


1. Custom imprinted ping pong balls

custom ping pong balls

This program of endless summer fun is brought to you by (enter your company’s name here) ping pong balls. Hone your skills kids, you never know, this might be the summer you beat your older brother at something.

2. Custom Hershey kisses

A summer fling isn’t complete without the perfect summer kiss.

Custom candies
3. Individually wrapped chocolate chip promo cookies

chocolate chip promo cookies

“If you give a customer a cookie …” they will definitely ask for another. They will also remember your company for implementing the kindest gesture known to man.

4. Custom temporary tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos

Nothing says summertime festival fun like putting a promotional temporary tattoo on your forehead. Make this fun! Hand it out at a festival and tell people to put it on their body (somewhere visible). Later in the day, send an employee to walk around and give out a prize to anyone with your custom logo tattooed on them.

5. Promotional bandage dispensers


Promotional bandage dispensers

Summertime is what children dream about all school year long. Finally, they can be outside swimming and playing with friends! Boo-boos should not be a playtime obstacle. Your company could save a child’s dream today just by giving them bandages imprinted with your logo.

6. Mini promo fly swatters

Mini promo fly swatters

Heck no, bugs must go! Help a customer’s perfect picnic stay perfectly bug free. I mean, unless you’re into the whole eating bugs thing. That’s cool too.

7. Promotional dog bone treats

Promotional dog bone treats

Perfect for our canine family members, these treats keep man’s best friend happy.

8. Custom imprinted freezer pops

Custom imprinted freezer pops

The seventh food group of summer, these customized freezer pops are the perfect frozen treat to have at any type of outdoor event. They are a super easy promotional product to hand out that skips the sticky mess of melting ice cream.

9. Custom printed leopard pen

Custom printed leopard pen

Can you handle the sass?! This pen will not only be the most useful thing in a woman’s purse, but also the most stylish.

10. Reflective logo stickers

custom stickers

These stickers are great for families to stick on their bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, motorized power wheels, unicycles. You get the idea.

Mixing things up with your marketing doesn’t have to bust your budget. The trick is finding promos that are creative and also relevant to your target audience. Tell us: What are some unique promos you’ve used to get your brand out there?


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The Best Promotional Copper Mugs For Moscow Mules



It’s been said that the mug makes the mule. If you’re mixing up Moscow mules, there’s nothing like promotional copper mugs to keep the drink ice cold – and your logo front and center.

If you haven’t noticed, the Moscow mule is the cocktail du jour. It’s a snappy blend of vodka, ginger beer, and lime, and it’s always served in a copper mug. In fact, it’s that telltale mug that makes the drink so easy to spot.

A Look Back

The story behind the Moscow mule is an interesting one. In the 1940s, two distributors – one selling ginger beer and the other selling Smirnoff vodka – found themselves in a pinch. No one was buying their products. At the time, people much preferred gin and whiskey.

So the distributors, in what turned out to be a genius move, experimented with combining the vodka and ginger beer. They added some lime, and voila – the first Moscow mule

The Role Of The Mug

The tale goes that a third partner joined in. Needing to offload a surplus of copper mugs that wouldn’t sell, the trio brought their concoction and mugs to bartenders far and wide.

The cocktail and mugs were a hit, and the rest is history. The Moscow mule is credited with reviving the vodka industry in the U.S., tripling the sales of vodka in the 1950s.

Fast forward a few decades, and the simple, sweet cocktail has once again gone mainstream – and real connoisseurs know that it has to be served in a copper mug. A Collins glass (or any other glass) just won’t do. The mug, does, in fact, make the mule. The copper keeps it perfectly chilled, making it a must for this particular drink.custom restaurant promos

Clamoring For Copper

As the drink continues to surge in popularity once again, copper mugs have become a hot commodity at bars and restaurants. People can’t get enough of the copper mugs, and they’re starting to swipe them from right under bartenders’ noses.

Retailers can’t keep up with demand. At places like Crate & Barrel and Sur La Table, copper mugs are flying off shelves, and the stores have to scramble to keep them in stock.

So, what does this mean for marketers? Now’s the time to customize copper mugs for your brand.

There’s no better drinkware of the moment than promotional copper mugs. They’re trendy, people want them, and they’re a fantastic opportunity to put your logo in the limelight.

Click here for the best printed copper mug, and check out the recipe below to concoct your own Moscow mule.

Recipe: Moscow Mule Cocktail

3 oz. ginger beer 1 ½ oz. vodka Fresh lime juice from half a lime

Fill your copper mug with ice and pour the vodka over top. Give it a good squeeze of lime juice. Top with ginger beer and stir. Garnish with lime slice or fresh mint.

was created.



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This Promotional Product Is Just The Thing For Your Next Tradeshow













If you’re exhibiting at a tradeshow, there’s no denying which promotional product is a must for your event: custom pens. They’re one of the most popular tradeshow giveaways, and people expect them at your booth.

But why pens?

A lot of reasons, actually.

  • Pens appeal to the masses.

    Fifty percent of U.S. consumers own writing instruments, according to the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI).

  • Pens are one of the most affordable promotional tools.

    Logo pens and pencils tie bags for the lowest cost-per-impression in the U.S., according to ASI.

  • Pens get your brand remembered.

    Two-thirds of people can recall the name of the advertiser who gave them a pen within the last 12 months, according to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI).

  • People find pens functional and relevant.

    PPAI reports that 73% of people carry a pen with them at all times.

  • People use pens – often multiple times a day.

    Thirty-nine percent of people use a pen approximately 10 times a day, according to PPAI, and 21% use pens about five times a day.

  • People love pens.

    Seventy-six percent of people consider the pen an important, very important or extremely important part of their daily activities, according to PPAI.

People love free stuff, and people love pens.

If you’re looking for that one must-have promotional product for your next tradeshow, pens are the perfect pick.

s a promotional product that puts your logo right where you want it – directly into the hands of your customers.

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Tee Off With Logo Golf Balls

FORE! The ever famous duck and cover call yelled out by golfers who just sliced right. Or maybe they hooked left. Regardless, that ball is in the bushes and you may or may not find it.

However, the next golfer to send that ball careening into the thick of unfortunate fauna might pick up that ball you could not find days ago. One person’s loss is another’s gain. Wouldn’t it be nice if losing a ball could actually make you money?

Imprinting your company or business logo on a golf ball could very well do just that.

Pull out that driver and tee off with logo golf balls. Using major golf ball brands such as Titleist, Nike and Taylor Made, your custom creation will be remembered long after the turn. For fairway fanatics, this is a great marketing tool to help get your brand out there. Like any promotional tool, a good strategy is key when dispersing your logo golf balls throughout your market.Logo Golf BallsCreate logo golf balls for your company with T&N Promotions Plus

Logo Golf Balls Are a Hole in One Gift

Golf balls are a popular gift around the holidays, especially for an occasion such as dad’s birthday or Father’s Day. Think about the life span of a golf ball for a moment. No golfer ever keeps their balls until their golf-game retirement. Golf balls are traded, lost, and lent out all the time and as they pass from one person to another. Many people showcase their golf ball collections in their homes or offices. Having your logo on the ball, along with a web address or contact information, can be a creative form of word of mouth advertising and marketing.

Depending on what type of business you are in, logo golf balls can act as great giveaway items and can assist in recruiting new business. If you are representing at a tradeshow or a big conference, a golf ball serves as a memorable free gift that instantly markets your brand. Custom logo golf balls also make a unique leave-behind gift. From training a new staff or giving a sales presentation, leaving behind a logo golf ball is a creative approach to branding.

Whether you are a golfer or not, a logo golf ball is a fantastic promotional tool

for companies of any size. Create your custom balls with T&N Promotions plus and get them out on that course and tee off to put your business in play.

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Two Great Uses For Custom Reusable Grocery Bags

canvas tote bagCustom tote bags are promotional items that get your message a ton of mileage. They have a huge imprint space, and they get thousands of impressions – almost 9,000 for the average bag.
The bags are a great way of promoting your business.They are something that customer can get great use out of, and they look fabulous.

The biggest benefit, though, is that recipients now have a bag they can use over and over. They can use them for any number of things, and because the website is imprinted along with the logo, people know exactly where to find the shop. The bags are a useful gift for recipients and an excellent marketing tool
As society becomes more and more environmentally conscious, businesses are finding ways to align themselves with this growing trend and using custom reusable grocery bags for marketing efforts is one such popular way to do so. They can already be seen in many supermarkets, as replacements for paper and plastic bags. The latter two items had been mainstays at such businesses for many years, allowing shoppers to transport their goods home with ease.

There are many different custom reusable grocery bags available for purchase in a range of colors, styles and price points to fit any company’s budgets and needs. Most are made from non woven polypropylene, a recyclable fabric-like material that is made from fibers and many are additionally laminated or insulated to provide extra protection for perishable items. Some have special features too that include front pockets for extra storage, divided main compartments, and snap closures, and most fold down for convenient storage. When it comes to actually customizing them, screen printing is the most commonly used decoration technique. And because they provide such a large imprint area for customization, there is an opportunity for optimal advertising for purchasers with the potential to truly capture the attention of those who come in contact with users of the bags.When companies customize custom shopping totes with their name and logo or other design, they are not only creating a product to market their brand, but further, they are marketing the fact that their business is dedicated to promoting eco-friendly practices. As mentioned previously, society as a whole is trending towards more environmentally conscious attitudes, and the use of reusable items by a business can help consumers look more positively toward the organization and even help to gain more potential consumers who are particularly wary of the eco-status of the merchants with which they make transactions.
And while the totes are often used to promote grocery stores themselves, they can also be used as promotional merchandise by practically any company a part of any industry. They can be used as giveaways at trade shows, as gifts for consumers, and even as a creative way to package gifts for employees and goods for consumers. The advertising a company will receive from recipients’ future use of their bags will far outweigh the initial cost of purchasing them. After all, the term reusable is in their name – so one’s brand can continue to be advertised for years to come!
Want to know more about marketing with custom bags? Check out our  custom bags on Slidshare.

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Think Ahead: Back to School

Hearing the words “Back to School” warrants a lot of different emotions. As a child, the phrase stirred positive emotions of optimism, feelings of nervousness and uncertainty or simply made one roll his/her eyes.

As an adult, we smile at the very phrase – regardless of whether we have children or not. Many parents look forward to putting their children on the bus instead of thinking of how they can keep the children entertained


today. Those without children look forward to young, inexperienced, distracted drivers taking the bus to high school or heading off to college.

But everyone can agree that “Back to School” is a phrase that awakens even the most lax of bargain hunters. This year, T&N Promotions Plus is rolling out a huge “Back to School” sale on our new and enduring promotional products. These products are great for schools, extracurricular clubs and athletic teams. The sale goes as far as to push the envelope past traditional notebooks and pens. You’ll find foam fingers, backpacks, lunch bags and even Bluetooth technology on sale. You’re bound to find something that is unique and fun within your budget.

#1" hand

Custom Foam fingers


lunch cooler

Custom lunch bags

wireless speaker

Jawbone Bluetooth

drawstring backpack

Custom drawstring tote bag

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Top 10 Retro Promotional Gifts

Top 10 Retro Promotional Gifts: Having a retro or vintage themed promotion or event?  This blog post is for you.  And if you’re not? Retro or vintage-style promotional products are still memorable and always well-received by your target audience.  So this blog post is for you too!  Blast your company logo into the past with these awesome throwback promotional items!  Click on any of the product titles to see additional information
custom water bottle1. Imprinted Milk-Bottle Shaped Water BottlesIt’s a new twist on a vintage style!  Reminiscent of Coke bottles or milk bottles from back in the day, these uniquely styled, custom printed water bottles are sure to grab attention.  These 23 oz. promotional water bottles are made from BPA-free smoky polypropylene plastic with your choice of colorful bottle caps.______________________________________________________________ 

customized yo-yo2. Promotional Yo-Yos

So retro! A fabulous, inexpensive promotional yo-yo. Lightweight metal construction.




custom gumball dispensers3.  Custom Printed Candy/Gumball Dispensers

These vintage-style desktop gumball dispensers hold a variety of candy.  It’s a corporate gift that will provide endless enjoyment!




4. Fountain Cup Promotional Tumbler

Fountain Cup Promotional Tumbler

Inspired by the old school fountain cups, these sturdy acrylic tumblers have a twist-on lid and matching straw.  This nostalgic design is sure to draw attention!





Vintage Messenger Bags5. Imprinted Vintage Messenger Bags

This computer portfolio has vintage styling, but has the modern bells and whistles you’ll need in a laptop messenger.  Includes a main zippered compartment with padded laptop sleeve, zippered tablet compartment, and adjustable shoulder strap.

Bubble Umbrella is a stick umbrella with retro dome shape and features a clear canopy that allows for an unobstructed range of vision, accent color trim, handle and tip, steel shaft, curved handle and a lifetime warranty.


Double stripes complement your embroidered logo on this extra soft, vintage-looking cap.  This unstructured cap comes in three different color combinations with a hook-and-loop closure.



Aviator Watches9. Custom Printed Aviator Watches

A unisex alloy watch featuring 46mm brushed black metal case, high precision Japanese movement, date display, flat mineral crystal, silicone rubber straps and water resistant to 1ATM.  Beautiful vintage stye aviator design with gray dial.  Comes packaged in a black collectors tin.


10. Vintage Promotional Diner Mugs

custom Diner Mugs

Imprinted coffee mugs are one of the most common promotional products on the market.  They’re still a highly effective marketing tool, but you can make your logo coffee mugs memorable and more likely to stick around in your client’s kitchen by putting a vintage twist on yours.

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The Best Golf Promotional Products


imprinted golf balls
While sports like soccer and basketball require little in the way of special equipment to play, golf is a bit trickier. You need clubs (drivers, irons, putters, wedges, etc.), a bag for your clubs, towels, a golfer’s cap (preferably plaid), shoes, a bag for your shoes, and more. (OK, you don’t need a golfer’s cap, but they look totally cool.)


But what’s the one item you need more than all of those? Golf balls. Lots of them. As if water hazards, woods and the occasional golf-ball-snatching-seagull weren’t taxing enough on your supply, there’s also regular wear-and-tear that necessitates frequent golf-ball replacement—according to, an individual ball will typically be used for only 12 to 15 shots. In other words, golf balls will always be in demand. Golf balls continue to represent the largest percentage of golf business and are a needed staple.


Pro Tips: Find the ball that best fits your client’s needs. If your client is running a fundraiser tournament, for example, you may not need a Titleist Pro V1, a ball popular with professional golfers that has a number of fancy, expensive features. Golf balls are designed for different skill levels and come in a wide range of prices (T&N Promotions Plus’ website lists items in the golf balls category), so do your homework when choosing a ball.


Also, keep in mind that while golf balls have similar quality and available features across brands, established golf customers may still prefer one brand to others.Many customers are very loyal to specific golf brands, similar to how we prefer certain brands of clothing.


custom divot
We mentioned above that golfers need a ton of gear, but we didn’t even get into the nitty-gritty. Sure, that futuristic carbon-fiber putter with the polymetal-groove technology will be the envy of your foursome, but without tees you’ll never make it to the putting green to use it. Items like tees, ball markers and divot tools have lower price points, making them good giveaways for everything from golf tournaments to trade shows.

And then there are accessories like can coolers, sports bottles, sunscreen, lip balm and hand sanitizer. While these products don’t technically fall under the “golf products” label, they’re all useful on the course.

Pro Tips: I Recommend products:  golf kits that bundle tees, divot tools, ball markers and other essential items to create a product with high perceived value and lasting logo exposure. We have seen growth in kits, as they can be unique and customized to fit various budget ranges. Once the components of that kit have been used or lost on the golf course, the customer will keep that exterior packaging, load it up with new accessories and use again, ensuring many lasting impressions of your advertising message.


Callaway golf umbrella
Umbrellas are good for three reasons: Massive. Advertising. Area. The best part of the big umbrella is that it’s an outdoor billboard. So if you watch a golf event on television, you’ll notice that the golf companies, when they put their logo on, they print their logo across multiple panels. Instead of having a 9″ logo they’ll have a 29″ logo going across, like a big billboard.”

But what if your client wants something without flashy colors or a huge company logo, for a corporate incentive program? No problem: Umbrellas offer a number of subtle customization options as well. I’ve seen plenty of investment bankers who don’t want to have their name flashy on the outside of the umbrella, they’ll find very unique ways, subtle ways of branding. They’ll put their logo on the Velcro closure on the outside. Or they’ll put their logo as a medallion in the handle. Or they’ll print their logo as a tonal print on the outside. Or in some cases they’ll print their logo on the inside.

Pro Tips: Golf umbrellas have several features that set them apart from standard umbrellas, including a larger arc size (typically 62″), a more robust construction (fiberglass shafts, rubberized grips) and wind-venting technology. Butnot all umbrellas marketed as golf umbrellas are created equal. There’s a huge difference between a true golf umbrella and what we’ll call ‘golf style       ‘—con          sider something that might [just] look like a golf umbrella. We sell golf-style umbrellas for a third of the price, that have steel shafts and much-less ex

pensive components, that a real golfer probably wouldn’t find acceptable.

If it’s just an inexpensive giveaway then golf-style is the way to go. If it’s something that will see the golf course, then you need a different type of product.

cusom lip balmcustom golf putters custom golf tee

custom hand sanitizers


custom can coolers custom water bottle custom sunscreen

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