Educational marketing with Webkey

webkey USBT&N Promotions Plus  presents Webkey – a new era in online educational marketing, and is the ideal engagement tool that drives e-detailing for physicians and educational compliance information for patients.

With NO content storage,  this is a far more cost effective alternative to expensive flash memory devices. Webkey is a mass media tool with total customizable options, designed to reach physicians and patients with unprecedented response rates…and we have the case studies to back it up!

IBM used a Paper Webkey handout to build awareness on its new zEnterprise model for businesses.

The Flyers were directly given away to prospects during several trade shows.

This Custom 2-Page Paper Web Key Brochure is a great way to promote your website, product or event. After being programmed with your URL, the device is punched out and plugged into a USB port where it directs web browsers to the website or page of your choosing. Four color printing inside and out. Excellent for pharmaceuticals, the automotive industry, schools, travel, corporate, real estate, retail or any use requiring printed information.

Our latest innovation is flat-out amazing”, said Rich Butler, Managing Director of the South Florida based technology marketing solutions company.  “USB Insert™ Nano will amaze with its record thin housing of only one-eighth inch, it can be integrated and custom die cut into any physical printed media such as brochures, direct mailers and magazine inserts, providing advertisers yet another new dimension in online marketing!”

“Best of all”, says Butler, “because USB Insert™ Nano is so small, thin and lightweight, it can be fully integrated cost effectively into magazine advertisements and direct mail campaigns without the worry of increased postage rates.”

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