3 Labor Day Promotion Ideas

Labor Day is September 2, 2013, which means it is a little over a month away. That leaves you just enough time to get in orders for this year’s Labor Day promotions. In case you need a refresher, here is a little history on Labor Day. The day celebrates American workers and rewards them with a day off. That three-day weekend has taken on a meaning of its own as musical festivals, retail super-sales and other special events claim the long weekend. Here are three types of events going on that weekend and ideas for what to sell for them.

 SPF pen
1. Music Festivals
Musical festivals used to be reserved for die-hard fan bases–think Lilith Fair and Country Fest. Then came the Internet and fashion blogging. When tweet-happy millennials saw the fashion at festivals and the many celebrities in attendance, they started buying tickets in droves. Large festivals that often sell out in hours (Made in AmericaGovernors BallCoachella) have become less about the music and more about the parties people attend, products they receive, and music-themed gear they wear. Wearables and giveaways are wonderful, but there is one thing these events are missing: sunscreen. If you have ever seen anyone after they come back from attending a festival, you will notice one thing: They have fiery red sunburn. Fix that by suggesting the SPF 30 Sunscreen Pen Sprayer fromT&N Promotions Plus. The sunscreen is broad spectrum (you know how important that is), has an imprint area and comes with red, white or blue caps (among other colors), making it ideal for celebrating America without bright-red sun poisoning.

2. Retail Super-sales

candy stocking

Every long-weekend now holds huge savings at nationwide retail chains and even smaller, local shops. Products like the 6 Foot Standard Toy Filled Patriotic Stocking In-store Sweepstakes Giveaway Display from T&N Promotions Plus are exactly what those retail stores need to churn up sales as they head into the fourth quarter.

3. Parades

What holiday promotion post would be complete

Labor day Promotions

 without a mention of parades? Parades are staples of most holidays in the U.S. and require a host of red, white and blue gear, plus outdoor necessities like lawn chairs, coolers and shade umbrellas. If you want to cover all of your parade bases, make sure to dress every end-user–including pets. Suggest the Doggie Stars & Stripes T-shirt from T&N Promotions Plus  for some extra-cuddly patriotism.
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