Think Ahead: Back to School

Hearing the words “Back to School” warrants a lot of different emotions. As a child, the phrase stirred positive emotions of optimism, feelings of nervousness and uncertainty or simply made one roll his/her eyes.

As an adult, we smile at the very phrase – regardless of whether we have children or not. Many parents look forward to putting their children on the bus instead of thinking of how they can keep the children entertained


today. Those without children look forward to young, inexperienced, distracted drivers taking the bus to high school or heading off to college.

But everyone can agree that “Back to School” is a phrase that awakens even the most lax of bargain hunters. This year, T&N Promotions Plus is rolling out a huge “Back to School” sale on our new and enduring promotional products. These products are great for schools, extracurricular clubs and athletic teams. The sale goes as far as to push the envelope past traditional notebooks and pens. You’ll find foam fingers, backpacks, lunch bags and even Bluetooth technology on sale. You’re bound to find something that is unique and fun within your budget.

#1" hand

Custom Foam fingers


lunch cooler

Custom lunch bags

wireless speaker

Jawbone Bluetooth

drawstring backpack

Custom drawstring tote bag

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